Saturday, July 28, 2007

Woody Disc 1 Cartoon 2: Woody Woodpecker A

"Woody Woodpecker" (1941)
Transfer Quality: ACCEPTABLE

The color balance on this cartoon is very good, even though the contrasts are boosted a bit. Woody's red and blue are under control and don't glow like in other cartoons. DVNR is only in evidence in fast pans, but the heavy compression rates cause macroblocking throughout several scenes in this cartoon.

These images are examples of macroblocking. The scenes that are affected by compression artifacting like this have macroblocking sprinkled through as many as 10 or 20 frames.

This is one of the few DVNR artifacts in this cartoon. Notice how the horizontal line is breaking up during the pan move above and is solid when the camera move ends below. This is a held cel, so the ink line should be identical.

This scene exhibits the worst compression artifacting in the cartoon. The entire scene is riddled with frames that contain macroblocking.

This is as good as this cartoon gets. Overall, a very good image. It's a shame that the compression mars an otherwise good transfer.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Woody Disc 1 Cartoon 1: Knock Knock G

"Knock Knock" (1940)
Transfer Quality: GOOD

Overall the transfer on this cartoon is very good. There's some macroblocking caused by overcompression and the contrasts are boosted, but the DVNR artifacting is almost non-existent. If the whole set was as good as this cartoon, it would be great.

The DVNR artifacting is extremely minor. Notice the difference in weight of the horizontal lines on the drainpipe during the camera move as opposed to the static shot of the same held cel.

Compression macroblocking is the biggest problem, and it only affects the bright blue and red of Woody when he is moving a lot.

Detail of frame above.

More macroblocking and jpegging through the neck. Click to see larger.

This is a typical scene from this cartoon. The color balance is quite good- just a little too much contrast/saturation- easily corrected for with the color controls on your TV set.

NOT RECOMMENDED: Woody Woodpecker Collection

The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Collection: The Walter Lantz Archive

NOT RECOMMENDED: Extensive DVNR Artifacting, Some Compression Errors (Jpegging, Macroblocking), Contrast Boosting, Over-Sharpening

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  • Universal Studios Home Entertainment
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    Universal City, CA 91608

Note to Retailers: This DVD collection has documented mastering errors which significantly degrade the image quality. Please honor refunds on this item and notify the manufacturer about the specific reason for the return.

DVD Details

3 DL DVDs / Region 1 NTSC / Color and B&W / 8 hrs 55 min / English Dolby Digital Mono / Subtitles: English, SD, Spanish, French / 75 Cartoons Plus Bonus Features

Click on the title for a detailed cartoon-by-cartoon review.

Disc One: Knock Knock G / Woody Woodpecker A / The Screwdriver / Pantry Panic / The Hollywood Matador / Ace in the Hole / The Loan Stranger / The Screwball / The Dizzy Acrobat / Ration Bored / The Barber of Seville / The Beach Nut / Ski For Two / Chew Chew Baby / Woody Dines Out / Hell's Heels / Spooks / Grandma's Pet / Confidence / Merry Old Soul / King Klunk / Toyland Premiere / Hollywood Bowl / Scrambled Eggs / Hysterical Highspots in American History / Walter, Woody and the World of Animation / Going Places: Cartoonland Mysteries

Disc Two: The Dippy Diplomat / The Loose Nut / Who's Cookin' Who? / Bathing Buddies / The Reckless Driver / Fair Weather Fiends / Musical Moments from Chopin / Smoked Hams / The Coo-Coo Bird / Well Oiled / Solid Ivory / Woody the Giant Killer / The Mad Hatter / Banquet Busters / Wacky-Bye Baby / Life Begins for Andy Panda / Fish Fry / Apple Andy / The Bandmaster / Scrappy Birthday / $21 a Day (Once a Week) / Pass the Biscuits Mirandy! / The Greatest Man in Siam / Abu Ben Boogie / The Pied Piper of Basin Street / Behind the Scenes with Walter Lantz (six segments from the Woody Woodpecker Show)

Disc Three: Wet Blanket Policy / Wild and Woody / Drooler's Delight / Puny Express / Sleep Happy / Wicket Wacky / Slingshot 6 7/8 / The Redwood Sap / The Woody Woodpecker Polka / Destination Meatball / Born to Peck / Stage Hoax / Woodpecker in the Rough / Scalp Treatment / The Great Who-Dood-It / Chilly Willy / I'm Cold / The Legend of Rockabye Point / Hot and Cold Penguin / Room and Wrath / Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B / Mother Goose on the Loose / Pigeon Patrol / Crazy Mixed Up Pup / Sh-h-h-h-h-h / Spook-a-nanny Woody Woodpecker Show

Monday, June 25, 2007

What This Blog Is For

Recently, various attempts at "restoration" of classic cartoons have resulted in some terrible transfers. One cartoon on a DVD might be fine, and the next one mangled. The purpose here is not to gripe and complain. It's to shine a light on which video transfers are faithful to the original filmmakers' intent, and which are not.

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