Saturday, July 28, 2007

Woody Disc 1 Cartoon 2: Woody Woodpecker A

"Woody Woodpecker" (1941)
Transfer Quality: ACCEPTABLE

The color balance on this cartoon is very good, even though the contrasts are boosted a bit. Woody's red and blue are under control and don't glow like in other cartoons. DVNR is only in evidence in fast pans, but the heavy compression rates cause macroblocking throughout several scenes in this cartoon.

These images are examples of macroblocking. The scenes that are affected by compression artifacting like this have macroblocking sprinkled through as many as 10 or 20 frames.

This is one of the few DVNR artifacts in this cartoon. Notice how the horizontal line is breaking up during the pan move above and is solid when the camera move ends below. This is a held cel, so the ink line should be identical.

This scene exhibits the worst compression artifacting in the cartoon. The entire scene is riddled with frames that contain macroblocking.

This is as good as this cartoon gets. Overall, a very good image. It's a shame that the compression mars an otherwise good transfer.


Craig D said...

Glad to see you've detailed what's "good" along with the defects.

I've linked to this blog and will be checking back.


Kevin Langley said...

Steve, everyone seems to be so hung up on just DVNR. I personally hate compression just as much. If I want pixelated images in my cartoons I would just stick to shitty AVIs. I like the new Woody set but each time I see the results of DVNR it makes me wish I had picked up the Columbia House set. Cool blog.

Anonymous said...

In case if you are interested to know, for the Canadian release of the Woody Woodpecker set, the content of Disk 1 was burned on Disk 2, & same goes with the content of Disk 2 being on disk one. Also, the slip covers were never incerted in the DVD case.

I just thought you might been interested.

Also, I'm doing a History of Popeye post on my blog. Both Part 1 and 2 are up, and 3 will (hopefully) be up by the end of the month

Anonymous said...

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