Friday, July 27, 2007

Woody Disc 1 Cartoon 1: Knock Knock G

"Knock Knock" (1940)
Transfer Quality: GOOD

Overall the transfer on this cartoon is very good. There's some macroblocking caused by overcompression and the contrasts are boosted, but the DVNR artifacting is almost non-existent. If the whole set was as good as this cartoon, it would be great.

The DVNR artifacting is extremely minor. Notice the difference in weight of the horizontal lines on the drainpipe during the camera move as opposed to the static shot of the same held cel.

Compression macroblocking is the biggest problem, and it only affects the bright blue and red of Woody when he is moving a lot.

Detail of frame above.

More macroblocking and jpegging through the neck. Click to see larger.

This is a typical scene from this cartoon. The color balance is quite good- just a little too much contrast/saturation- easily corrected for with the color controls on your TV set.


Henrik said...

Seems to me like you need a new DVD player or something - this is how that exact frame looks on my DVD:

Zoran Taylor said...

I can't quite see what's wrong with the contrast in the last shot. If anything, contrast should be a least that strong most of the time. Otherwise why paint the BGs in watercolours? What's the point?